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Elixir Herbal Care is a nutraceutical medicine & Cosmetic manufacturing company that applies proprietary product delivery technologies to reformulate and approved nutraceutical products to achieve improved efficacy and patient compliance. We have carefully chosen products for its pipeline that maximize the therapeutic value of our discoveries and technologies. These products have significant market sales potential.

Elixir Herbal Care is founded on the principles of providing top quality natural medicines & cosmetics, while making it affordable for every type of customer. We strive to provide customers with high quality natural remedies and service.

Elixir Herbal Care is one of the leading providers of inexpensive Medicines & Cosmetics. Through our superior network, world class support and innovative package, we provide a service literately like no other, whether you are an importer, exporter, manufacturer, or new to the medicine or cosmetic business, this our services get you everything you need and has helped us earn our solid reputation for quality and service. We offer high quality, scientifically researched Nutraceutical medicine & cosmetics, developed and manufactured at a prime facility. In view of the increasing incidences of side-effects with allopathic medicines and problems faced by doctors in long-term management of diseases, Natural Medicines are new ray of hope for doctors and their patients. As well as skin cosmetics products which made of Steroids, Hydroquinone, Mercury etc are also having so much side effects on skin, but our natural alpha power cosmetic products are very safe to use without any side effects.

In natural medicine and cosmetic use plants that do not have the aggressive and invasive action of modern drugs or cosmetics, but instead support the body’s own natural tendency to heal itself. Natural products are derived from roots, stems, flowers or leaves of plants and are frequently sold. Herbalists prefer to use remedies extracted from a part of the whole plant, with all its bio-chemical constituents, rather than individual standardized extracts. It is believed that the active constituents are naturally balanced within the plant, and consequently aid in working on the body, mind and spirit in a less invasive manner.

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